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2018 Rendezvous

Jeff’s Corner 4-24-20

Hey, Hey, Hey,

Well, with our tasting rooms closed other than for purchases and Wine Club pick ups, I have been forced to work at home. No sympathy cards required, however, since working at home for me consists of drinking and writing about wine.

The week before we stopped (for the time being) doing tastings, we released the new Rendezvous to rave reviews and brisk sales. When the 2017 (which garnered a double gold medal at the San Francisco Chronicle competition) ran out, it was drinking as well as any of our wines, so if you have a bottle or two at home, pull the cork and enjoy.

2018 Serendipity

Jeff’s Corner

We are going to get down to some serious Serendipity stuff in a moment, but first I want to offer a very big personal and public thank you to everyone at Grape Creek for the unity and compassion we have extended to one another in these difficult times.

Not a day has gone by in the last month or so that Kathy and I have not been grateful to work for such a caring and generous company. So, here’s to Brian and Jennifer, Julie, John, Patrick, Christy and John, and everyone else that contributes to what truly is the “Grape Creek family”. Thank you all, from all of us!

Label Update

Jeff’s Corner For ten years I’ve tried to distance Jeff’s Corner from the difficult times we live in and allow it to be a sanctuary for wine lovers where we (myself included) could immerse ourselves in our passion while we learn some things and hopefully have a few laughs. The COVID-19 virus, however, has changed our lives in ways that were unimaginable a month ago, and I can’t sit here and type-away as if it hasn’t. What I can do is extend a warm and lasting hug to everyone and urge us to be safe, smart, patient and avoid fear and panic. To quote William Faulkner, “I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail.”    There is some exciting GCV news to talk about, however! Our 2018 red and 2019 white and sweet wines will boast a brand new (and really cool) label. You can check it out in this nifty photo that will be included with our April Wine Club allocation.

2018 Petite Sirah

Jeff’s Corner Well, Well, Well, Today’s Petite Sirah Day; It’s black and brooding, Volatile and moody, Angst-ridden, And oozing despair. I suppose this is a pretty melodramatic intro to our new 2018 Petite Sirah, but then Petite Sirah has always been, to me, a very…