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The Life Cycle of a Grapevine – Harvest

Jeff’s Corner 8-6-22 Hey, Hey, Hey, Today we are going to conclude our five-part series on the life cycle of a grape vine. This story will be a two-parter, with today focusing on what goes on in the vineyard leading up to harvest, while next week we’ll talk specifically…

2020 Cabernet Trois

Jeff’s Corner 7-22-22 Happy Friday to all!!! Today is a great day for GCV reflections and congratulations! With the release of our brand new 2020 Cabernet Trois, this beloved wine is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary/birthday, with the first vintage dating way back to 1991. I’m not certain, but Kath and…

2021 Viognier

Jeff’s Corner 7-15-22Howdy, Howdy, and Hello!I hope everyone is doing their best to stay as cool as possible in this stifling heat, and one of the best ways to do so is to pull the cork on a bottle of our brand new, super-refreshing 2021 GCV Viognier. Now, if your crystal…

The Life Cycle of a Grapevine – Veraison

Jeff’s Corner 7-1-22 “This land is your land, this land is my landFrom California, to the New York islandFrom the redwood forest, to the gulf stream watersThis land was made for you and me.” What inspiring words from the great Woody Guthrie to begin a long Fourth of July weekend.