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A Lesson on Port

With some colder weather upon us, this is a great time to talk a little bit about Port. Plus, Jason just bottled our new GCV Port which I’ll review very soon! Ports are “fortified” wines typically served with (or as) dessert. Stilton, a rich, creamy English blue-veined cheese originally from the town of Stilton in Huntingdonshire is the classic pairing with Port. Let’s begin with some history before we discuss production and style. Port originated in the Durro Valley of Northern Portugal, and dates back to the seventeenth century.

Port Release

In our new Port, Jason and crew have once again created a masterful blend; not just of different grapes, but different vintages as well. This delightful fortified wine is about 63% Touriga Nacional (the Portuguese grape for Portos) from the 2012 vintage. It also has 21% Syrah and 13% Merlot…

2013 Rendezvous

Almost any day is a good day for a rendezvous of friends, and today is an especially good day to talk about our new GCV 2013 Rendezvous. If it hasn’t been released already, it should be any day now. The word is French, and dates back to the late 16th century. It meant “present yourself”, while we think of it as a gathering or get together of friends. Years ago, a lady on one of my tours kept referring to it as “Rendiverous”. She turned a noun into a descriptor, and to me it has been Rendiverous ever since.