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First Ever GCV Rose’s

Jeff’s Corner  Well, after numerous drum rolls and endless anticipation, it’s finally time to check out our brand new Rose’ of Sangiovese and Ramato. Jason has wanted to produce a dry rose’ for sometime now, and here he is with not one, but two; and just in time for spring.

The Ol’ Oak Debate

Jeff’s Corner Howdy Howdy Howdy Even though my eyeballs aren’t screwed tight enough right now, it sure smells like spring outside. How refreshing! I had cataract sugary yesterday, and my left eye, literally, doesn’t know what my right eye is doing. My keyboard is a dizzy blur. So, here’s a…

2014 Petite Sirah

Jeff’s Corner Wow, it’s only been a month since we talked about the 2013 Petite Sirah and here we are taking a look at the super brand new 2014 Petite. Production of the ’13 was small, and being a great wine we sold through it really fast. The ’14 Petite…

Veggies and Wine

Hello, and howdy from the veggie garden! Last week, I was asked by Maureen (our marketing director extraordinaire) to write a little about pairing wine with vegetarian cuisine for Vino Visit, our website that books our really cool brand new private tastings. I misunderstood, however, and thought I was supposed…