Jeff’s Corner 2-2-17

Hey, Hey, Hey, it’s Cuvee Day!

The new 2016 is here, and after tasting it I’m certain it will fill the giant shoes of the much heralded 2015. We’ll check it out in a minute, but first a vintage update.

Last Monday night, Kath and I pulled the cork on a 2012 Mosaic. It was fabulous with meatloaf, garlic/Gorgonzola mashers, and caramelized onions. If you have one, now is a great time to drink it.

Now, back to our Cuvee Blanc. As we know, “cuvee” means blend, and it’s interesting to note that the last three vintages have been quite different; each showcasing Jason’s amazing skills when it comes to this centuries old art.

The 2016 is about 47% Viognier, 19% Pinot Grigio, 18% Sauvignon Blanc, 7% Muscat Canelli, and for the first time some Marsanne and Trebbianno. The ’15 was much more Pinot driven at about 45%.

Like the ’15, the 2016 is a brilliant pale yellow with exceptional clarity. It is an elegant wine, very lean and sleek. Aromas of caramel, apricot, peach, and honey are layered and complex. As the wine opens up in the glass, wildflowers and orange blossom emerge.

The ’16 Cuvee is crisp and delicate with a subtle mouthfeel. It shows intricate fruit flavors with medium-high acid, causing it to race across our palate. The delicate finish is a lingering tease, and we can’t wait for the next sip.

Kathy and I really liked this wine. It’s young and will develop nicely in the bottle the next few months, but is already a beauty. Serving temp for this is your choice; more austere at 45*, much fruitier at 50.

Let’s sauté some mussels (and maybe scallops) in this wine, with garlic butter, and toss it with linguine. Some garlic/parmesan bread might be nice as well to soak it all up. Cheers!