Jeff’s Corner 9-2-22

Howdy, everyone!

I’m not sure if I’m empowered to do this, but I’m going to declare today “National Grape Creek Vineyards Prosperity Day.” You got it, today we’ll check out our brand new 2020 Prosperity, the wine formerly known as Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah.

Before we do this, however, I’d like to wish everyone a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend. I actually began my tenure at GCV on Labor Day Sunday, 2009, thirteen years ago. I always laugh about that day because at the end of my shift, a co-worker asked if my feet were holding up okay. That was my 30th Labor Day on my feet, and this weekend will be number 43, and my feet are still holding up okay, sort of…

Our Cabernet/Syrah blend, along with Mosaic and Bellissimo, are part of what I like to consider the “Grape Creek renaissance,” when Brian and Jason’s influence began to be felt through our expanding portfolio. Jason told me years ago he had wanted to blend these two varietals into one wine, and Grape Creek finally gave him the opportunity to do so.

Although both grapes have a history dating back hundreds of years in France, they were rarely, if ever, blended together because of their rigid geographic AOC laws. (Cab hails from Bordeaux in southwestern France and Syrah from Rhone in southeastern France.)

This blend, however, found huge success in Australia in the mid-twentieth century (where Syrah is called Shiraz) led by Max Schubert at Penfolds Vineyards in Southern Australia. Penfolds Bin 60A and Penfolds Grange Bin 95 are two of the country’s most sought-after and pricey wines.

One of our most elegant red wines, the early vintages of Cab/Syrah hovered consistently around 60% Cab and 40% Syrah until 2016, when we changed the name to Prosperity. We did this for a couple reasons. We wanted to draw more attention to a great wine that was kind of lost in our portfolio, and because Jason wanted more freedom to blend in varietals besides Cab and Syrah. Both goals have been a success.

Layered aromas of black cherry, plum, blackberry, and cracked black pepper fuse with sweet, toasted oak, leather, cinnamon, and vanilla. Very old-world in style, the palate shows a smooth progression from front to back and finishes with soft, silky tannins. This wine typifies Jason and his team’s ability to craft wines with classic finesse and balance, and by the way, it’s a real beauty…

I’m thinking we should pair this with a classic Steak Oscar, which is often considered one of the most romantic meals ever. Steak Oscar is tenderloin topped with large asparagus tips, jumbo lump crab, and Sauce Béarnaise. You pick the sides…