Jeff’s Corner 8-20-21

Howdy and hello,

Today is going to be dedicated to Prosperity. defines prosperity as “a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune.” I chose this definition from the many I researched because it didn’t just focus on economic well-being. In fact, all I have to do to feel quite prosperous is drink a glass (or maybe two) of GCV Prosperity.

So, you guessed it, today we’ll check out our new 2019 Prosperity. It’s hard to believe this is the fourth vintage since our Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah blend emerged from its chrysalis as Prosperity in 2016. The wine, however, has remained true to style since the ’07 vintage, which was one of my all-time favorite Texas wines.

We changed the name for a couple of reasons. We wanted to draw more attention to a great wine that was kind of lost in our portfolio, and because Jason wanted more freedom to blend in varietals besides Cab and Syrah. The varietal percentages always hovered around 2/3 Cab and 1/3 Syrah, but this year he added another dimension of complexity with the addition of a small amount of Petit Verdot.

Lean and elegant, our 2019 Texas Prosperity is a groundbreaking blend of 48.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 44.5% Syrah, and 7% Petit Verdot. The ABV is 13.5%. Medium ruby/garnet in hue, layered aromas of ripe black cherry, plum, and black olive are backed by secondary aromas of fresh cracked black pepper, leather, and cigar box.

Very Old-World in style, the palate shows great finesse with delicate fruit flavors supported by well-integrated acid and soft tannins. A slight hint of oak adds yet another dimension to this graceful, refined beauty. A serving temp around 60* would be ideal.

Let’s pair this with something fun from the grill. Cut some top sirloin or strip steak into about 1 inch cubes and skewer them on bamboo sticks. Season them with cracked pepper and garlic powder, then marinate them overnight in 1/2 soy and 1/2 Worcestershire sauce (low sodium is fine if you like) with fresh lime juice. Grill to your desired temp, and serve with potato salad and unsweetened grilled pineapple rings. This marinade also makes some of the best fajitas I’ve ever had.

We’ll see you on the flip side…