“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

Is Juliet right? Or is she merely trying to ease Romeo’s concern regarding his surname of Montague. Would Silver Oak be equally attractive if its name was Snail Slime? Would GCV’s Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah blend be more desirable named Prosperity?

Well, I’m not going to answer Juliets ageless metaphysical question, but the answer to the latter question is a resounding ‘YES’. Ever since our Cab/Syrah surrendered his moniker with the 2015 vintage and emerged from its oak chrysalis as “PROSPERITY”, he’s been all the rage.

Prosperity brought us a Gold at the SFCWC, is becoming one of our most requested wines, earned a spot in the prestigious Holiday Bundle, and is rumored to be a special guest on “Ellen”.  

All the while, the wine is the same blend, about 60% Cab and 40% Syrah with all the same profiles. The name change will also allow Jason more flexibility when it comes to blending in other varietals, if he so desires.

The 2016 Prosperity made a very brief appearance on our tasting bars and was only available to the general public a couple months. But, if you are a Black Label Wine Club Member and bought the Holiday Bundle, you have received 3 bottles of the very collectible ’16, and even more if you’re a 6 or 12 bottle member.

The new 2017 Prosperity is lean, elegant, and very true to style. Cab/Syrah fans should love this wine, it epitomizes everything Jason looks for in blending these two grapes. It is 56.2% Cabernet Sauvignon and 43.8% Syrah with an ABV of 13.8%.

The color is a soft, earthy ruby with moderate extraction. The nose is delicate yet complex (classic Prosperity), with dark red fruit aromas of raspberry, cherry, and plum dancing with floral notes of red rose, violet, and lavender. Hints of white and black pepper, coffee, and red licorice add further intricacy.

The palate is silky smooth for a young wine and will develop gracefully over the next 3-5 years. Already showing a seamless progression from front to back, acid and tannin are well integrated and provide just the right amount of structure. The fruit dominated finish is rich and lingering, and begs for another sip.

Let’s try this gracious wine with a strip steak heavily crusted in fresh-cracked black pepper with a lush chimichurri sauce alongside some garlic-roasted red potatoes. Dark Chocolate Meringue Pie might be nice for dessert!