Jeff’s Corner 9-8-17

Hola, y Bon Jour

Today we’re going to check out our brand new 2016 Pinot Grigio, but first an update on last week’s story.  As mentioned, Grape Creek set up a page for our staff to donate funds to the Red cross to assist our fellow Texans debilitated by Hurricane Harvey.  As of now, our GCV family has contributed almost $2500 from 24 employees.  This should provide lots of groceries and supplies; way-to-go everyone!

Before we check out the new Pinot, however, I thought we could revisit its storied history.  Modern day Pinot Grigio dates back to the middle ages in Burgundy, where it was most likely known as Fromenteau.  It was a color mutation of Pinot Noir, and aside from color they have extremely similar DNA.  “Pinot” means pine cone, and is a reference to the shape of the clusters.  In the 1300s it was taken to Switzerland, and later to Alsace, Italy, and Germany.

This grape has many monikers.  In Alsace, she (to me it’s a very feminine grape) is known as Pinot Gris, while in Germany it’s known as Rulander or Grauburgunder (grey burgundy).  We know her best from northeast Italy where she hangs out in Veneto and Trentino as Pinot Grigio.

Our ’16 Pinot Grigio is delightfully crisp and refreshing.  It’s a classic, straightforward wine true to style with previous vintages.  The color is very bright, a translucent pale chartreuse that shines like crystal.

Aromas are teasingly tropical, with lots of tart citrus (lemon and tangerine) at a colder temp (43*), and sweeter notes of banana and pineapple emerging as the wine warms up a bit.

For a Pinot Grigio, this wine shows a rich mouthfeel with lots of fruit and a long finish.  This would be great at lunch with a Waldorf Salad on Bibb lettuce, highlighted with chicken and Chèvre.

We’ll see you on the flipper…