Jeff’s Corner 2-16-18

Hey Hey Hey, once again it’s Muscat Day!

Last Muscat Day I was raving about our sumptuous 2015 Muscat Canelli, and today I’m going to do the same regarding the opulent 2016.  But enough with the fancy descriptors, snobbery aside, this stuff is really good!

With a history stretching back millennia, the Muscat family of grapes is most likely the progenitor of all wine grapes.  Muscat Canelli is the best variety for producing quality wine, and its classic name is Muscat Blanc a Petit Grains, which translates as “White Muscat with little berries.”

Muscat Canelli, however, has suffered a bit of an identity crisis (and somewhat tarnished reputation) due to the incredible surge in popularity of Moscato, a very sweet, low alcohol, fizzy wine made from this classic grape.  Moscato is the ultimate training-wheel wine, whose popularity has been fueled by hip-hoppers like Drake and Lil’ Kim.

Anyway, trends are just that and can’t keep a great grape down forever.  Winner of a Gold Medal at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, our 2016 Muscat Canelli is a truly stunning wine.  At 11.5% alcohol-by-volume and 3.7% residual sugar, the ’16 is slightly sweeter than the ’15, and is 100% Texas High Plains fruit.

The color is a very bright pale yellow/green with a crystal clear rim, and the aromas are tantalizingly complex.  Orange peel, tangerine, and peach nectar mingle with rich layers caramel, butterscotch, honey, and apricot jam.  This is one of the most sensual wines I have ever smelled.

The flavor is a well-orchestrated symphony of fruit, sugar, and acid.  Sweet upfront, tangy acids seamlessly transition the sugar to the back of our palate yielding a rich mouthfeel and a long, enticing finish.

To fully appreciate the lush intricacies of this amazing wine we should enjoy it well chilled, between 40 and 45 degrees.  Our Muscat would be a wonderful dessert on its own, but would also pair well after dinner with a mild blue cheese and some sliced pears, peaches, and honey-crisp apples.

Cheers, everyone!