Jeff’s Corner 4-13-17

Once again, “Greetings from the Easter Binney!” Here’s hoping your holiday is good, whether celebrating Passover, Easter, or any other spiritual spring celebration. This year, Easter Sunday also celebrates year 37 of the beginning of my adventures with Kathy. This brings lots of pressure to perform in the kitchen.

Today, we’ll take a look at the brand new 2015 Texas Bellissimo released last week, and part of our April Black Label Wine Club allocation. First, however, I want to share some behind the scenes info.

One of Brian’s many difficult jobs is to forecast how much wine we’ll need each year (in terms of production) to fill Wine Club orders with enough left for Tasting Room Sales. These calculations are done years in advance, and Jason has to decide how much fruit we need to purchase to fill the demand.

Well, it’s uncanny how spot on they are. On April 3rd 2015 I reviewed the ’13 Bellissimo, and on April 13th 2016 the ’14. Here I am again on the same day, a year later, talking about the new 2015. All three released within 3 weeks of each other over the last 3 years. This is creepy clairvoyant.

We first produced Bellissimo in 2004, so this is our 11th vintage as we did not make one in ’05 (or maybe ’06). It is the first of our 2015 reds to be released, and for a pup it shows fabulous discipline and finesse.

The color is a rustic, earthy garnet with dark, intense hues for a Super Tuscan. It is 54% Sangiovese, 31% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 16% Merlot. It is mostly High Plains fruit and carries a Texas appellation.

The aromas are vibrant, delicate, and complex. Lots of bright cherry and raspberry mingle with red licorice, cinnamon, cocoa, and vanilla. These continue on the palate, with clove and allspice that was quiet in the nose.

The finish is intricate as well. Bright acids weave with subtle oak and tannins for a lingering finish dominated by dried fruits and rustic spices. Like the ’14 Cabernet/Syrah we visited last week, this wine is true to style and everything it’s supposed to be!

Like we did last week, I thought it might be fun to check out the tasting notes I wrote for this wine for our Tank Tasting Party a few weeks ago:

“Our flagship Super Tuscan, this marks the 12th vintage of Bellissimo. The ’15 is garnet/ruby and shows rustic aromas of cedar, leather, and black cherry with flavors of licorice, clove and chocolate. The finish is long and sensual, with picture-perfect balance. Let’s pair this with a rich, super-cheesy lasagne.”

Happy trails…