Jeff’s Corner

Hello again!

Last week, we talked about the origins and flavor profiles for our estate Italian varietals Montepulciano and Aglianico, and promised a sneak peak at the 2014 Epiphany which is a blend of these two grapes. We’ll also get a glimpse into our Estate Wine Club, but you’ll have to wait until the end for that.

The 2014 vintage gave us our highest yield yet from these vineyards, and when I tasted it two weeks ago it had just been transferred from its long nap in oak back into stainless tanks and was waiting to be bottled. Brian is so excited about this wine he wanted me to write tasting notes before it was even bottled, which is a definite first.

The ’14 Epiphany is incredibly rich and extracted, and Brian rightfully likened it to a Barolo, which is often referred to as the “king” of Italian wines. He nailed its color when he sent me an email with a photo and all it said was “beautiful opaque garnet”.

This wine shows complex layers of aromas and flavors that continue to develop as it evolves in the glass. Look for ripe raspberry, blackberry, and cassis entwined with cinnamon, lavender, and rose petals. Somehow it is both bright and rustic at the same time.

True to Italian red wines, we see lively acids well balanced with youthful fruit and silky tannins on the finish. Moderate oak influence promises this wine to be versatile with lots of food.

Speaking of food, you know I have to throw in a pairing for this wine, even if it is still in diapers. I see this being excellent with some pungent Gorgonzola or Pecorino Romano for a cheese pairing, while an elk or venison tenderloin in a rich demi-glace with a wild mushroom risotto would be a nice choice for an entree.

So, how do you get your hands on this very promising wine once it’s released? Well, if you’re already in our Wine Club, simply join the Estate Wine Club when it’s introduced in early 2017. If you’re not in the Wine Club, join now on line and you’ll be eligible.

What’s the Estate Club? Well, like our Owners Club it will be an exclusive club (with very limited membership) within our GCV traditional Wine Club. Brian has held back previous vintages (’12 and ’13) of Epiphany for this, as well as the new methode champenoise 2014 Euphoria. Once you join, look for your first shipment in November 2017.

More to come, I’ll keep you posted.