Jeff’s Corner 4-6-17

Hello, Hello, and Hello again!

Well, how rough is this! Here I am sitting at my desk listening to Jerry Garcia, checking in on my beloved Tigers beating up on the evil White Sox on opening day, and writing a review of our brand new 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah blend. It was just released Tuesday, and those of you that are Black Label Wine Club Members are lucky enough to already have a bottle!

When I was rescued from indolence in 2009 and began working at GCV, we were pouring the 2007 Cab/Syrah. No one paid much attention to it, (Bellissimo was, and still is, the rock star), but it quickly became my favorite wine.

The ’07 was lean and elegant, stingy with fruit but loaded with pepper and spice. To me, it was very “French” in style. It has remained this way over the years, and even though it has always flown under the radar in our portfolio, it has constantly been one of our biggest medal winners.

The new 2014 vintage fits this profile perfectly. It’s 60% Cabernet and 40% Syrah, a blend that has also remained very consistent over the years. The color is an intense, dark ruby/garnet with a brilliant rim.

This wine is everything our Cabernet/Syrah is supposed to be; it’s elegant, understated, and extremely seductive. It shows subtle aromas of white and black pepper, cinnamon, cedar, and leather, mingling with hints of lavender and black cherry.

Consistent with the aroma, the flavor is refined and delicate with a cloying subtlety that begs us to take another sip. Vibrant acidity, integrated with soft oak and tannins, allows this wine to dance across our palate and end with a surprisingly long finish. It’s a real beauty, loaded with grace and grandeur.

Now let’s have some fun! In late February of 2016 I wrote a short description of this wine, before it was bottled, for our annual Tank Tasting Party last year. I made a point not to read it before I wrote this review, and here’s what I said:

“Bright shades of purple and violet; with flavors and aromas of black pepper, lavender and cedar mingling with cinnamon, Mexican vanilla, and clove. Delicate acidity and tannin create a sensual finish. Wonderful with a New York Strip in a green peppercorn sauce.”

The change in color makes a little sense over time, but like I always say, “Take wine descriptions with the biggest grain of salt you can find.”

See ya soon…