Jeff’s Corner 10-12-18

It’s been a slow news week, as they like to say, here in the Press Room at GCV. I was thumbing through my all-time favorite wine book looking for something to write about when I thought, hey, why not write about this book. In over 20 years, it’s never let me down.

 The book I’m talking about is “Wine Lover’s Companion” by Ron Herbst and Sharon Tyler Herbst. I bought the 1st edition somewhere back in 1996, and a fourth edition was recently published in 2017. I’m hoping maybe Santa brings me the new one this year.

This book is all about information. It’s encyclopedic, black and white, and maybe a bit boring unless you want precise, easy to understand definitions and explanations of absolutely everything wine related. This book taught me how to pronounce words I had totally butchered, all the while I was thinking how really cool I was.

With around 4,000 entries, and the new edition priced at about $12.00 from Amazon, this book should always be within reach of all serious enophiles. The appendix (over 100 pages) is worth twice the admission; a few of the topics it provides in-depth info on include:

* Grape varieties and wine styles
* How to buy wine
* How to order wine in a restaurant
* Shapes and sizes of wine bottles
* How to read wine labels
* Types of corkscrews
* Storing and serving temperatures
* Glassware
* An extensive glossary of wine-tasting terms
* The wine aroma wheel

The list goes on and on. Honestly, I have written very few Jeff’s Corners without picking this book up at least a few times.

Also, if you love “Wine Lover’s Companion” there is also a “Food Lover’s Companion” by Sharon Tyler Herbst that is just as amazing. Both these books are always on my desk, and just within my reach.

Finally, if you’re looking for that perfect coffee-table wine book, check out “WINE From Grape to Glass” by Jens Priewe. It’s loaded with tons of stunning photos and an extremely educational and very readable text.

Happy Trails, all…