Jeff’s Corner

Howdy, Howdy, and one more Howdy!

More than once you’ve heard me write about our block of Montepulciano vines that are beside our Wine Club Patio, and more than once I’ve talked about how the life cycle of the vines becomes one with the rhythm of the seasons and our souls. For Kathy and me, this is an acute spiritual benefit of being close to the vineyard vintage after vintage.

I walked the rows of vines a lot this year, and their beauty has been unsurpassed due to the incredible hard work of vineyard manager Clint Messimer and crew. We are only days away from harvest, and I felt it my Jeff’s Corner duty to share these snap shots I took a couple weeks ago.

We’ll see these Montepulciano grapes again in about two years in our 2016 Estate Epiphany. Don’t touch that dial.