Napa Valley AVA

The harvest year 2022 in Napa Valley will be remembered for several reasons, most notably the very hot streak of six days in a row with triple digit temperatures in mid-September. Although the valley always sees hot periods during the ripening period of June to October, the added pressure of drought conditions in Napa County made it challenging for growers. Fortunately, irrigation management is always a top priority for winegrowers, and everyone made it through, albeit with a monstrous push of night picking, and long days of crushing, just to make sure all the fruit made it in. Winemakers will always remember how “condensed” the harvest was due to a rapid change to warmer conditions, however, Mother Nature broke the cycle with a very unusual rain for three days following the heat spell. As winemakers say, “Mother Nature controlled the game one more time”. The great news is that the wines are showing very well so far, with great structure and color and acid, most likely a result of quick ripening. Look for a slightly smaller vintage, but with wines of strength and power.

Tom Eddy, Tom Eddy Winery

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