Enjoy the experience of Grape Creek Vineyards through the eyes of one of our own, Emily Boedeker – Tasting Room Ambassador.

I write this as I sit in a corner booth of Stout’s Signature for dinner on a Saturday night. As an employee of this incredible winery, I find myself grateful for the slow evening and the ability to put my work commute on pause. Writing has always been a hobby of mine and I hope my written internal dialogue gives you a moment to bask in the joy that is winery/vineyard life. I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled to several gorgeous places in the world and truly miss the adventures traveling offers. This evening, Stout’s has allowed me to re-open my eyes to a traveler’s perspective, solely based upon the ambiance as I sip on a glass of 2012 Serendipity. 

The Sounds of Stout’s Signature  
The sounds of a restaurant in a place I wish I could call home. The swing of the kitchen door, quiet voices flowing through the dining room and table wear softly percussing throughout the background sounds. I love hearing the joyful conversations, laughter, hushed tones and quiet celebrations of the first taste of an exquisite dinner. It’s an audible memory, something that the real-world filters itself into. Some of the voices are familiar, yet I still feel the nostalgia of my travels to places where I don’t know the dominant language.  

Maybe it’s the dim lighting or the aromas coming from the kitchen that truly seal the memory for me. It reminds me of the quiet night I stopped at a small restaurant off the side streets of Vienna, Austria. Truthfully, I feel it is the weather that brings this memory back into my mind. What is it about tonight? Is it the quiet corner looking out at the vineyards or the sunset this evening? I’m not certain, but I am sure that Stout’s delivers what we all need from time to time. Whether you are a couple needing an evening away from the littles, a date with someone new, an evening with a best friend or, like me, an evening by yourself, I’ve found the best place in the area.  

I would be remiss to say that the food selections, wine and service are top notch. My Stout’s choices for today: the roasted garlic hummus and the linguini with meatballs. Delicious!  

The Tranquility of the Tasting Room 
The jingle of wine glasses, conversations and laughter travel along the tall ceilings. The enormous chandeliers glow and sounds of soft music whispers into the quiet moments of the symphony of this room. The tasting room chorus blends with the sounds of opening doors, the hum of the dishwasher, corks being pulled, wine cascading into glasses and wine bottles being set down on the granite counter tops.

I hope that any guest or member who enjoys a tasting at Grape Creek has the quiet moment that we get to experience as employees. It can be challenging for me to not have a twinge of jealousy of guests standing at a tasting bar. I love Grape Creek wines, this tasting room and I love learning more about our wines each time I listen in on a tasting. My personal favorites of our current wine selections are: Viognier, Muscat Canelli, Cabernet Trois (my “old faithful”), Invention, Epiphany and Serendipity. 

My time at Grape Creek started in 2009 when my personal wine trail finished the Highway 290 trek from Johnson City and I ended up in the most beautiful tasting room I had ever seen. For years I would return to enjoy a glass or purchase a bottle of my favorite wine. It didn’t take much persuasion for my family to join me in the adoration of Grape Creek. There are so many wines that fit our family and friends’ palates. We have spent countless afternoons on the member’s patio, celebrating the awards Grape Creek wines continue to earn.  

The only thing more constant than the delicious wine has been the hospitality of Grape Creek Vineyards as a whole. So much so, that my family frequently said “Emily, you need to go work there – everyone loves working for the Heath’s!” I am grateful to have joined Grape Creek as a Tasting Room Ambassador and am proud to be a member of the Grape Creek family, both as an employee and a customer.  

If you are from afar, I hope you have had the opportunity to close your eyes and imagine yourself here. If you are local enough to stop by, I encourage guests to join us for a tasting or tour and welcome members to enjoy a glass or meal at Stout’s. Cheers!