Jeff’s Corner

Welcome back everyone. As promised yesterday, today we’ll take a look at the guys working in the production facility with Jason to bring us these lovely GCV wines. Plus, if you are a Wine Club member, you will find a nifty stuffer in June’s package with photos of these folks and even more info.

Julian Maher is our enologist, and his primary focus is running the lab to monitor quality control. He has worked with us a little over 5 years, and graduated with a degree in Enology from Fresno State in December 2013. He also works in the cellar and vineyard where and whenever he is needed.  

Julian loves working at GCV and in the wine industry, and appreciates the fact that wine is an ethereal blend of art and science. He is never bored, and finds something new everyday that can be improved upon.

David Gomez has worked with us 4 years, and has 30 years experience in the wine industry. He runs the bottling line (a huge responsibility, and the final step in production), and works in the cellar doing maintenance.

David is also a major contributor to our workforce. His son Nathan works in the vineyard, David Junior on the grounds crew, and Eric in the winery.

Eric Gomez has been with us 4 years as well, and boasts 6 years working in our industry. Eric’s job in the production facility includes crushing grapes during harvest, filtering and racking wine from one tank to another, and helping his Dad bottle.

Justin Sutherland has been at GCV 2 years, and has a Bachelors degree in Food Service Management with a focus on wine studies from Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island. He has studied wine in France, Germany, and Switzerland, and worked as assistant winemaker at Jonathan Edwards Winery in Connecticut.

Justin loves the fact that GCV allows him to work with many different wine styles and grape varietals. He helps manage the movement of wine from tank to barrel, and monitors cross-flow filtration. He commented, “working with wine is very personal, I could not see myself doing anything else”.

Adam Martin has been with us only 9 months, but in this short time has had a huge impact. He has nearly 6 years experience in the wine industry, supported by 20 years in the grocery business where he learned leadership and organizational skills.  

Adam contributes in every aspect of production. Adam enjoys being at Grape Creek due to our “integrity, attention to detail, and commitment to quality wine”

So, I propose the next time we pull a cork from a bottle of GCV wine, we raise our glass and toast Jason, Julian, David, Eric, Justin, and Adam for making it all happen.