Jeff’s Corner 3-22-17

“The croaking raven doth bellow for revenge.” Hamlet (3.2.250)

And how sweet that revenge was last Saturday night at our Tank Tasting extravaganza, when my beloved 2015 Rose of Sangiovese surged past the upstart 2016 Rose of Malbec just before the polls closed.

Here’s how the election worked: Kathy (Ms. Malbec) and I (Señor Sangiovese) poured our respective wines for our guests. On the table in front of each of us were two empty fish bowls. In the middle was a large fish bowl of GCV wine corks. Each guest was allowed to vote for their favorite by casting a ballot (one of the corks) into the wines’ respective jar.

Kathy has crowed for a year about how her duplicitous Mr. Ramato, in the 1st annual “Great Rose-Off” last year, won a questionable victory over my squeaky clean Señor Sangiovese. That first competition was fraught with fraud. I was close to blind from eye surgery, cork stuffing was rampant, and gerrymandering was the norm.

Last Saturday, Ms. Malbec surged to an early lead, and in a tense moment of paranoia Señor Sangiovese accused her of having the more desirable side of the table. Tempers chilled, and after a Señor Sangiovese comeback voting was bottlenecked cork to cork.

Finally, Brian counted the tallies, “And after all the violence and double-talk, There’s just a song in all the trouble and the strife”. Señor Sangiovese 43 corks, Ms. Malbec 40. Ms. Malbec’s demand for a recount fell to deaf ears, much like mine in 2016 when Mr. Ramato won 46 corks to 40.

Next year, the rubber match..