I just came out of the kitchen for a break, and want to wish everyone a very wonderful Thanksgiving. This has been a special week for Kathy and me. We’re off work, and our entire family is staying with us; which consists of Kathy’s sister Kerry, her husband Bill, and her brother Scott. This rarely happens, so as you can imagine food, wine, and laughter are all in abundance.

Right now, Kerry is the kitchen making pies, I’m about to make my corkscrew useful, Scott is on the way, and Kathy and Bill are having a metaphysical discussion about pecans. We have so very much to be thankful for.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is a time to share love and memories with family and friends, and be grateful for our time together. Food, wine, laughter, and tears bind us all together for a very short while.

I gotta go put my apron back on…