Jeff’s Corner 12-28-18

Last week, and on into this week, I’ve been struggling to find the right perspective to write about our religious/holiday season and the beginning of a new calendar year.

When I was growing up a young, white, urban, upper-middle class hippie I was confident in my naiveté and optimism that the world in my future would be much different than the one riddled with turbulence and social unrest that I knew in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Surely by the time I was (GASP) 65 years old the world would be free of hatred, bigotry, war, poverty, hunger, and intolerance.

Boy, was I ever wrong. Sadly, the evening news looks much the same as it did in 1971 when I graduated from high school. However, as Alexander Pope wrote in his poem “An Essay on Man” in 1733, “Hope springs eternal”. As long as we have hope, our futures are bright.

Perhaps we can find beauty and fulfillment if we narrow our perspective a bit. I could not have lived a more wonderful life than the one I’ve shared with Kathy the last 39 years, and I could never have dreamed I would have such loyal friendships that have endured over half a century.

I would go on and on about the good fortunes of my life, but I’m getting late for work.

Nappy New Year, everyone, and “Onward thru the Fog”!

Bald Binney Boy