Jeff’s Corner 9-28-17

Hey, Hey, Hey, today is Ego Day

Once again, I’m proud to mention that I’ve been invited to judge the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition in January.  This is my third consecutive year, and it’s a gargantuan honor to again be included in this storied competition with about 70 of the best wine judges from across the country.

The SFCWC is the largest, most respected American wine competition in the United States.  Last year there were more than 7200 entries from over 25 states.  Judging lasts 3 days (I scored about 120 wines each day), with a fourth day (the “sweepstakes” round) where the best-in-show is chosen for white, red, rose, sparkling, and dessert wines.

Kathy and I will be wined and dined (literally) every night with all travel  expenses paid by the SFCWC.  The event is held at the Cloverdale Citrus Fairgrounds in northern Sonoma County, in the beautiful town of Cloverdale.

When I was a kid, my greatest dream was to play in the World Series for my beloved Detroit Tigers.  Never did I dream I’d be a part of the World Series of wine competitions 3 years in a row.  The SFCWC is that cool, and it’s a huge honer to represent myself, Grape Creek, and Texas at this spectacular event.

Oh, by the way, last year Grape Creek sent 17 wines to this event, and brought back 17 medals.

More in January…