Jeff’s Corner 1-5-18

Hey Hey Hey

Next week is the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, and once again I’ve been honored to be invited as a judge.  What a hoot!  The SFCWC is the largest (nearly 7000 entries from 35 states), and perhaps the most prestigious wine competition in the country.

Kathy and I will be spoiled rotten for 4 days, with lots of great wine and very elegant dinners.  (The formal Judges Dinner is at Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards.)  I’ll have to work a bit, however, judging about 400 wines by the end of the event.  Please don’t feel too sorry for me, but it is pretty brutal.  Hah!

If you want to check out some really cool stuff about this really cool event, visit the competitions website at

I’ll send some photos and be back in two weeks with some stories.