Jeff’s Corner 7-20-18

Howdy, Howdy, and a Big Hola to All

A month or so ago, those of you that are kind enough to read Jeff’s Corner on a regular basis might have noticed a change in format. I have a new “editor”; the person that posts these stories and makes certain I don’t step out of bounds with too much weirdness.

This person would be the delightful and incredibly talented Chelsea Scott, whose photo is the lead for this story. Chelsea has breathed a bit of fresh air into my blog, and we have some interesting and creative ideas moving forward. After blogging in a bog for a while, I’m excited again.

 Chelsea has been with GCV since the summer of ‘16, and after only a few months made herself incredibly indispensable. She does everything with a great attitude; however, she can roll her eyes with the best, accompanied by one of the cutest raspberries ever.

Chelsea will assist with a creative side to Jeff’s Corner that will add a new dimension. She shares an English degree with me and an unsurpassed love for words. Be warned, however, I write in a brilliant burnt orange, and Chelzee in a muddy maroon.

Now, enough of this niceness, let’s check out a vineyard/harvest update from Brian from our last staff meeting. 2018 is shaping up to be a great vintage, on both the Estate and the High Plains.

If you follow us on Facebook, you know we harvested the Estate Chenin Blanc and Albarino this week. (Great snaps, thanks Louis.) Also, I got some info this morning from our vineyard manager extraordinaire, Clint Messimer, and here’s what he had to say.

The lower block of Chenin Blanc, destined for our sparkling Euphoria, yielded 3.33 tons at a brix (sugar content) of 18.1*. The upper block of Chenin gave us 1.94 tons at 19.2* brix, and we harvested 3.02 tons at 19.6* brix from the Albarino block behind the original peach orchard on the hill by the winery. The latter two are destined for a surprise wine from GCV.

We are also very excited about our first harvest from our 3 acres of Petite Sirah from the block behind the Montepulcino vines by the Wine Club Patio. Brian said there is LOTS of fruit on those vines. We will probably harvest our red grapes in late August.

Exciting things are happening on the High Plains as well. Yield estimates from our growers suggest 600-700 tons of fruit for our GCV and Heath Sparkling wines. Plus, we have increased our acreage of Petite Verdot by about 15 acres; this is a grape Jason and Brian see great potential for in Texas, and I agree 100%.