Jeff’s Corner 8-30-18

Hey Hey Hey, today is National Cabernet Day! (Actually, it’s probably National Cabernet Sauvignon Day, but I didn’t want to ruin my cheesy rhyme.) Now, the truth is, nobody gets excited about a National Fill-in-the-Blank Day unless the subject is something we are personally passionate about. National Liver and Onions Day slid by me without notice.

 National Cabernet Day, however, is worth perking up for. In fact, along with Merlot and Pinot Noir, Cabernet is recognized as one of the three “noble” red wine grapes in the world. The prestigious Society of Wine Educators describe Cab as being all about “power and structure”.

Spawned in the famed Bordeaux region of France in the late 17th century, Cabernet Sauvignon is the result of a torrid and tragic love affair between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. In that era, the very idea of white and red grapes having a good time together was an outrage. The truth, however, was revealed beyond a doubt on Jerry Springer in one of his most violent episodes.

This noble grape ripens late, and is dark blue, medium in size, very thick-skinned, and produces the worlds most age-worthy wines. Its structure and longevity result from tight tannins and rich acidity; and its power is driven by layers of lush, dark fruit.

Cab Sav is prized for its complexity, and its flavor profile exhibits black cherry, blackberry, black pepper, chocolate, and vanilla. Aromas to look for include lilac, cedar, tobacco, leather, cassis, and coffee.

It’s no surprise that King Cab is the dominant grape in many of GCV’s red wines. It is 68% of our Wine-Club-Only Serendipity, 55% of maybe my two favorites, Mosaic and Cabernet Trois, and 58% of an unsung hero, Cabernet/Syrah (alias Prosperity). Also, he always makes a sneaky guest appearance in Bellissimo, generally around 30%.

Now, if wine really can have a licentious affair, Cabernet Sauvignon would forever be joined with steak or prime rib. The fat and protein from the beef, finished with a rich sauce, is a pairing beautiful beyond belief…

Photo Credit: Hanzell Vineyards, CA