Jeff’s Corner 6-28-18

A few days ago, I got an email from my dear friend and co-worker Bill Burns asking if I would share my slightly famous peach daiquiri recipe. The answer, of course, was yes, and then I realized I should probably share it with all of you as well. After all, it is peak peach season in Fredericksburg, and this year we have had a bumper crop.


This made me realize what a long love affair I’ve had with this delightfully tropic beverage. Its history is shrouded in legend, but it seems to date back to Cuba and the Spanish-American War. Back then it was made from rum, fresh lime juice, and sugar; similar to a Mojito.

My first daiquiri experience was in college; we would throw a bunch of cheap dark rum in a blender with Minute-Maid frozen limeade and grind it up. We thought we wuz really cool. Later, as my palate became more sophisticated, we would cut back on the limeade and used fresh fruit. The girls loved us, or at least they loved the daiquiris.

When I became GM at the legendary Seafood and Spaghetti Works in Port A, we became famous for selling fresh-fruit daiquiris in the summer. Kath and I would drive up to Fred’sville and buy lots of peaches and GCV wine for the restaurant. These are some of our most cherished memories.

On a less appetizing note, I once won a Spam cook-off at Tortuga Flats (our softball sponsor for 15 years) with some delightful Spam daiquiris. I don’t think I ever really got that blender clean. Anyway, here we go with the peaches…

I don’t have a measured recipe, so improvise to taste:

In a standard size blender, pour 4-6 oz dark rum. It doesn’t have to be expensive, Bacardi is great. Fill it 1/2 full of ice. I like them pretty peachy, so maybe 4 medium sized peaches. I squeeze them right into the pitcher, skins and all, then toss the stones. Fill the blender, but not all the way to the top, with more ice. You’ll want to add sugar to taste, about 2 tablespoons, perhaps a little more. Blend on “blend”, not puree. When you see a vortex form at the top while blending, it is done, but you can add more sugar, peaches, or ice if necessary. A slice of fresh peach on the rim of the glass is a nice touch.

This works for lots of fruit; I use blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, bananas, or a combination. About 1/2 pint of berries or one banana is a good start.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!


photo credit: Burg’s Corner FBG,TX