Holy Macaroni!

What a fantastic great time we all had last Wednesday at our once-a-year (third time around) GCV Staff Appreciation Bash, hosted by the incredible Jennifer and Brian Heath.

Every year, Brian and Jennifer get us (all us GCV employees) out of town for a magical evening of wine, food, romance, and camaraderie. (We all get to focus on whichever of those we want.)

This year we stayed on the river in downtown San Antonio at the luxurious Hotel Contessa. Kathy said our suite was “My favorite hotel room ever!”. This was a BIG event. Julie said we rented 50 rooms, and 95 or so of us attended dinner.

And what a great dinner it was. Hosted by Boudro’s, at their secret off-premise location near Zinc Wine Bar, the food and service rocked it out of the park. Their execution and timing was close to perfect, every tenderloin was center-cut at a perfect temp, the salmon was moist and flaky, the sides interesting, and it was actually hot when served!

Brian and Jen most likely spent days researching wines for our dinner, and their efforts paid off. We were treated to a rich and very complex Rombaure Chardonnay, a spicy Orin Swift “Abstract” red blend, and a very elegant, silky Silver Oak Cabernet. Yowser! Our glasses were never empty.

With all this said, the best part of these evenings is when Brian gets up to talk. Then, it’s all about us. One-by-one, he recognizes the many facets of GCV that make us click; starting with Jennifer, and then Jason and the winery crew. All of us, in every department, in every capacity, get a big pat on the back.

Brian, however, should get the biggest pat on the back of all. He is an undeniable force, not just at Grape Creek but in the entire Texas wine industry. His generosity and compassion for us is ongoing, everyday. He leads us with example, honesty, and integrity. Our faith and trust in him is without boundaries.

So, Jennifer and Brian, thank you for the security you have provided in all our lives; we are very proud to be a part of your family.