Jeff’s Corner

Howdy, Howdy, Howdy

It’s great to be back in my Corner again after some really good chill time in Santa Fe and Colorado visiting Kath’s sister Kerry and her hubby Bill. We’ve been close for forty years, and it’s always special when we get to share time together.

Kerry likes bubbles in her wine, so before we left we sent her a box of Heath Sparkling, and we showed up on their mesa with an iced-down bottle of ’16 Adoration. The sun was going down, the moon was rising (almost full) over the mountains, and all was perfect.

Then Kerrs said, “Check this out guys, it’s pretty cool” and she broke out a jar of wild Hibiscus flowers in a barely sweet syrup. She said to drop it in the flute, and when we did the rising bubbles opened the petals of the flower and they danced like a sea anemone.

Now, I’m usually way too much of a traditionalist for a flower in my wine, but this was really cool. Visually it was mesmerizing, the hint of sweetness was delightful, and the flower was really good to eat when the wine was gone. I liked it a lot, and the sisters agreed, it had a unique texture and flavor they had never before experienced.

The website for this product is, and they have all kinds of really interesting flower products for food and beverage. It’s definitely worth checking out…

Finally, here’s a big thanks to Kerry and Bill for all the great hospitality, love, and friendship. You’re an amazing cook, Ker, and no-one can wash and dry dishes quite as well as we can, Bill.


Photo Cred: @gusherphotagraphy