Jeff’s Corner 8-30-17


Many times you have heard me extol the virtues of the GCV staff and our ability to work together in pressure-packed situations. In every sense of the phrase, as timeworn as it sometimes sounds, our staff is a family. We argue a bunch, but our commitment to one another is undeniable.

Time and again when one of us has suffered a misfortune, the rest of us have circled the wagons in support. It comes in varied ways; many times financial, or sometimes just a smile or a hug or a pat on the back or a “you doing okay?”.

Tuesday the GCV family reached beyond itself in generosity. General Manager extraordinaire Julie Herbort and do-everything-girl Chelsea Scott (due to requests from the staff) created a page where we can contribute directly to the Red Cross to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in the name of Grape Creek. Staff donations have been pouring in, so thanks to all of you.

Harvey is very personal for Kathy and me. We moved to Fredericksburg from Port Aransas (after living there 28 years) in the summer of ’06, having being scared to death by Katrina and Ike in ’05. All our friends said we were over-reacting. I wish they had been right.

My Mom and Dad retired in Rockport, which is how I ended up at the coast. I’d screwed my life up pretty good and went to the coast for the summer of ‘79, met Kathy, and with her help managed a renaissance. We lived the love of our youth there. The coastal bend, from Corpus Christi to Rockport, is full of precious memories, many of which have been destroyed.

So, Kathy and I have a special thanks to all of you at Grape Creek that have contributed, and a renewed appreciation for you and why we love being “part of the GCV family”. You are all very special.

The photo is one of my favorite memories; the Pumpkin family at the jetties October 31, maybe 1986. Ms. Pumpkin, on the right, looks a bit like Kath…