It’s hard to believe we have been open a full year at Grape Creek Vineyards! It has flown by. What a great experience it has been. Just to think, this location started with a food truck.

I started driving out to the Texas Wine Country with the Stout’s Pizza Truck in 2012, and it wasn’t long before Grape Creek became one of our favorite vineyards. We started to have a great following and became a staple on Saturdays. Getting to know Brian Heath, the owner of Grape Creek Vineyards, was an absolute joy and before long, we had this wild and crazy idea to do a permanent location.

After some wine and number crunching and a year of construction… Stout’s at Grape Creek Trattoria opened in May 2015. The appreciable response from the masses has given us confidence to open a third location. Stout’s Pizza Co. will be in New Braunfels late this summer!

I am really excited about the direction and future of this company. I love making great pizza, and I love drinking great wine. I wanted to thank Brian and Jason at Grape Creek for helping my dream come true of having my very own wine. Stout’s Sangiovese 2014 will be released this year.