Interesting Stories

Thank You for Your Service (revisit)

This Blog is always worth re-visiting. Remembering all who have sacrificed for us to have the life we lead today. Jeff’s Corner Three days ago last Sunday, while working my last shift in the now old Main Street location, an older gentleman walked up the two steps with a little help from a cane and a metal right leg from the knee down.

Fifth Annual GCV Staff Appreciation Event

Jeff’s Corner 2-1-19 Hey, Hey, Hey, last Monday was our 5th Annual Staff Appreciation Day, and suffice it to say, that Tuesday morning the makers of Tylenol and Advil experienced record sales. After terrorizing the San Antonio River Walk the last two years, we returned to the beautiful Eilan Hotel and Spa, the scene of our first two outings. Not surprising, this year was the largest yet, with Brian and Jennifer renting 76 suites and hosting 136 guests. It was truly a magical evening, featuring great folks, fabulous food and wine, and lots of dancing.

San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition – Round 4

Jeff’s Corner 1-4-19 Hey, Hey, Hey, today is Big Ego Day. Once again, I’m proud to mention that I’ve been invited to judge the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition next week. This is my fourth consecutive year, and it’s an incredible honor to be included in this storied competition. I’ll be one of about 65 judges from around the country, and the only one from Texas. The SFCWC is the World Series of American wine competitions. This year there are over 6,800 entries from the United States, Mexico, and Canada. If you’re interested, lots of cool info and photos regarding this awesome event can be found at www.winejudging.com.

Sangria Wine!

Jeff’s Corner 8-15-18 “When friends come for Saturday night,It’s nice to make up some Sangria wine,It’s organic and it comes from the vine,It’s also legal and it gets you so high.” Great words, Jerry Jeff! It’s summer, it’s humid, and it’s hot. Some ice-cold Sangria, some burgers on the grill, and some good friends sound pretty darn good right about now.