Jeff’s Corner 2-24 23


Well, it’s happening again… Conspiracy theories are rampant on the internet that I, Jeff Binney, don’t actually write Jeff’s Corner. It’s been suggested that the 600-plus stories we’ve posted were actually penned by Christopher Marlowe, Francis Bacon, or even the elusive Moby Grape.

So, today I want to dispel these silly notions once and for all. I was hired full-time in October, 2009. My early tenure was quite productive; I mopped the tasting room twice a week, hand washed the tour trolley every Friday, and polished the glass tables on the patio and blew the leaves off the ground every day. No imposter could possibly know this.

Also, here are a few of my other contributions to GCV:

  • I opened our first tasting room downtown on Main St. in January, 2010 in the Fredericksburg Art Gallery.
  • When I began at GCV, we did 3 tours a week on Saturday. I rewrote the script to make them more educational, and now we conduct 48 tours a week, many of them sold out.
  • In early 2010, I began writing Jeff’s Corner and for a couple years also wrote Wine Words with Jeff.
  • In early 2014, I began our Private Seated Tastings program in the Ambassador Room at the production facility.
  • Since 2010, I’ve trained lots of employees and conducted many educational seminars for our staff.
  • I write all of our tasting notes, plus extensive reviews of new vintages as they are released.
  • I’ve judged wine competitions since 2001, including the esteemed San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. I’m the only person from Texas to ever be invited to this event.

I suppose there’s other stuff I‘ve forgotten, but perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the last 43 years has been sharing my love, passion, and knowledge of wine with anyone willing to listen.

DNA from my keyboard, linking me to all these stories, is perhaps available…

Finally, this is all of me I can stand; thanks for listening…