Jeff’s Corner 3-26-21

Years ago, I braced myself for the first time I would see 2020 on a wine label, and here it is on our legendary Cab Blanc, the wine formerly known as Cabernet Blanc. I stared at the label, softly shook my head, and had to smile at the beautiful irony of seeing it on our longest tenured wine.

First produced in 1990 (at least that’s the earliest vintage I could find), Cab Blanc is now entering its fourth decade as one of our most popular wines. If my info is correct this year we bottled over 5500 cases, so drink up you guys!

It’s fun to take a stroll down memory’s road and check out its origin. Back in the late 80s, White Zinfandel was all the rage, and GCV succumbed to the pressure to produce one. At the same time, however, Ned Simes (our founder) wanted something more unique.  

Pushing creative boundaries, as he always did in a very young Texas wine industry, Ned created Cabernet Blanc, and soon it was on its way to becoming an icon in our portfolio. Folks couldn’t get enough of it.

It was on every wine list I wrote for my last 20 plus years in the restaurant industry. In Port Aransas, at Jay’s Seafood and Spaghetti Works, it developed a cult following among locals and tourists who visited us year after year. It became a really hip, Texas alternative to Beringer and Sutter Home.

Well, you guessed it, all this leads us to the new 2020 (yes, 2020) GCV Cab Blanc. At a patio-quaffable 12.6% ABV, the residual sugar is 4.1 %, or 41 grams per liter. This equates to a little over 7 grams of sugar per 6 ounce glass.

A lovely rose/salmon in color, this is a Cab Blanc to get excited about. Alluring fruit aromas of strawberry, raspberry, and candied cherry are backed by floral notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, and citrus blossom. This is wine that  seduces us before we even taste.

The palate shows pretty much perfect balance for a semi-sweet wine. The sugars and acids are in flawless harmony, creating a seamless transition from the front to back of our palate, while the delightful fruit flavors are ever present and linger on the finish.

Let’s skip the food, and pair this with fun and friends.

The new Serendipity is on the way…