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This page provides information on the most recent wine club shipment/pick-up. In addition to listing what was shipped for each club there are instructions to help with shipping address changes, credit card changes and wine club profile updates.

February 2020 Wine Club Selections

 3 Bottle6 Bottle12 Bottle
Black Label Club
2017 Cabernet Trois 2- Cabernet Trois 2-2017 Cabernet Trois
2017 Prosperity 2-2017 Prosperity 3-2017 Prosperity
2017 Mosaic 2-2017 Mosaic 3-2017 Mosaic
    2-2017 Invention
    2-2017 Bellissimo
Mixed Club
2018 Pinot Grigio 2-2018 Pinot Grigio 2-2018 Pinot Grigio
2017 Mosaic 2-2017 Mosaic 2-2017 Mosaic
2018 Cabernet Blanc 1-2018 Cabernet Blanc 2-2018 Cabernet Blanc
  1-2017 Cabernet Trois 1-2018 Cuvee Blanc
    1-2018 Viognier
    2-2017 Cabernet Trois
    2-2017 Prosperity
Sweet Club
2018 Riesling 1-2018 Riesling 3-2018 Riesling
2018 Muscat Canelli 1-2018 Muscat Canelli 3-2018 Muscat Canelli
2018 Cabernet Blanc 2-2018 Grand Rouge 3-2018 Grand Rouge
  2-2018 Cabernet Blanc 3-2018 Cabernet Blanc
White Club
2018 Cuvee Blanc 2-2018 Cuvee Blanc 4-2018 Cuvee Blanc
2018 Pinot Grigio 2-2018 Pinot Grigio 4-2018 Pinot Grigio
2018 Viognier 2-2018 Viognier 4-2018 Viognier


Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and Delivery
Once credit cards have been processed you will need to contact FedEx to make any shipping changes. You may have already received or will receive an email from FedEx with a tracking number and a link to their website (FedEx Delivery Manager).

Tips to help you get your shipment:

  • FedEx Onsite is a new and convenient way to receive your wine club shipments.  Simply send your package to one of many FedEx Onsite locations and pick up at your convenience.  Choose from Walgreens, Kroger, Albertson’s, and many more!  No more hassle with delivery times and struggling to be home to sign for your wine, just pick up your package while you’re out running errands or grocery shopping!  Click for more information or to find your local FedEx Onsite locations.
  • Is your wine already on the way?  Sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager (free enrollment) to redirect your package to a FedEx Onsite location. 
  • In addition to FedEx Onsite, FedEx has many other locations. Have your wine delivered to your local FedEx Office Print & Ship Center. Many of these centers have extended hours, facilitating early or late-night pickups. Click here to find the location nearest to your home.
  • Use your work address, that way there will be an adult available to sign for the package during business hours.
  • If none of the above options work for you, and receiving shipments at your home is a challenge, add as a contact in your email account to ensure you receive your tracking number and up to date information on your shipment.

Credit Card on File

Your credit card is automatically charged for your wine club package (whether picked up or shipped) unless your card on file has changed.

If you need to make a change (new card, replaced card, etc.):

To update your Credit card information please Click here (or when visiting, please click on "Belong," then "View Your Account" on the right sidebar) and log in to your account to update your payment information.

Your username is the email address associated with your Wine Club Membership (the same address this email was sent to). You will need to hit "Forgot Password" to receive a reset email that will then allow you to log in to the shop.

Wine Club Profile Information

If you need to change any information in your wine club profile, like your address, just Click here and follow the same directions as above. Remember, any updates to your profile will not affect your current shipment once your credit card has been charged, however, it will be used for future wine club shipments/pick-ups. If you need to change your address for the current shipment please see Shipping and Delivery above.

Changing type of club

If you want to change your type of wine club (i.e. mixed to black label, 3 bottles to 6 bottles) please send an email to

Please Note

If these options don't answer your question, please send an email to Thank you again for being a Grape Creek Wine Club Member!

Terms and Conditions

Wine Club Terms and Conditions (applies to Grape Creek Wine Club and Owner's Clubs)


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