Wines that are shipped significant distances can be affected by “Bottle Shock”, which can lead to off flavors and aromas in the wine. The good news is this is temporary! We’ll guide you through what to do if you suspect bottle shock so you can enjoy every bottle that arrives at your door.

Bottle Shock FAQs

What is bottle shock?
Bottle shock can occur in wines that have recently been bottled or have travelled a significant distance through shipping or distribution. Short driving distances should not cause bottle shock. Bottle shock is a temporary state that causes a still wine’s aromas and flavor to be muted or flat and more commonly effects red wines but can still be present in white wines.

How can I tell if a wine has been affected?
The most effective way to tell if a wine has been affected by bottle shock is to see if the aromas and flavor of the wine are muted or flat. If you sniff the wine and smell little to nothing, followed by little flavor when you taste it, it may have bottle shock.

What can I do if my wine has bottle shock?
After receiving a wine club allocation, let the bottles sit for a week or two before opening.
If you’ve already opened the bottle and suspect bottle shock, decant the wine for at least 30 minutes prior to drinking.
If you don’t want to decant the entire bottle, aerate the wine by pouring into your glass allowing it to breathe for a while. Sip periodically to check the progress.

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