The “New” Trattoria – June 19, 2017

Recently, we changed the style of food service we offer at Grape Creek through our partnership with Stout’s kitchens. The new Trattoria is enclosed, remodeled, and upgraded. While our lunch menu still offers the Stout’s pizzas many members and guests love, we now offer an expanded menu that includes new appetizers, salads and entree options like tenderloin filet, salmon and chicken. Additionally, our new “dine by the vines” dinner experience is available on Friday and Saturday evenings, plus a wonderful Sunday brunch menu served all day.

Of course, Grape Creek offers wine options for your meal including a prior-vintage library wine list (available during dinner for club members) and sparkling wine and mimosas on Sundays. Also, enjoy specialty coffees after your meal.

The restaurant includes both indoor and outdoor seating (on the adjacent patios) so guests can enjoy whichever option they like best.

When we started the Trattoria two years ago, many people welcomed the food options to enjoy with their wine, and some people were disappointed we didn’t offer a sit-down, table service restaurant. We also imagined that might in fact be the natural evolution of our future dining experience.

So, we are excited about the launch of the “new” Trattoria with chef-inspired delights and weekend evening dining.

Like anything, not all changes are welcomed by all people. One change that is negative for some is not being able to get a pizza and take it to the wine club patio to enjoy. While we completely understand that sentiment and concern, we also had issues with all seating areas doubling as dining areas, as not all guests enjoyed the mixed experience. So, we created dining areas and non-dining areas on the patios,  although we still offer a wonderful cheese and charcuterie tray that can be enjoyed with wine on any of the non-dining patios. As mentioned previously, there are both designated indoor and outdoor dining areas so members can still enjoy a pizza on the patio.

On busy days we may have a wait for seating like any other restaurant. However, when we were busy before we often had a 20-30 minute wait in line to order plus the wait for food preparation (at times  30-45 minutes). Part of our goal was to change the wait experience so now the wait can be enjoyed by doing a tasting or having a glass of wine while waiting for a text letting you know your table is ready. Of course, there is still food prep time once ordered.

While we appreciate the changes might create some concern and disappointment for some guests we believe the good far outweighs the bad and most people are thoroughly enjoying the new, upgraded offerings. We also appreciate direct feedback (through our website or via email) regarding improvements; whether the feedback is about an issue with our growing pains from new ventures or ideas that may enhance the overall member and customer experience.

We personally love the new Trattoria and the great culinary options, and we hope you enjoy it too!

Brian Heath

Grape Creek Vineyards