Jeff’s Corner

Good day, everyone!

As many of you already know, since January we have been offering seated, private tastings every single day of the week. These (in my opinion), along with our tour and taste package, are one of the very best ways to experience Grape Creek. Since I have yet to talk about them in Jeff’s Corner, let’s do so now!

I was fortunate to conduct two of these presentations last saturday, and I had a blast. Actually, it was more of a roundtable discussion of our wine than a formal presentation. They were fun and educational, and for a little over an hour we talked not only about our wines, but also the history and evolution of GCV, food pairings, how to taste wine, wine making and grape growing, and on and on.

Every once in a while, it’s nice to have a day at work that reminds us of why we love our job so much. In fact, a big part of the early success of these tastings is that the staff enjoys doing them so much. When we have fun, our guests have fun. My two groups Saturday left hugging each other and heading to the Trattoria for lunch together.

So, here’s some info on how our private tastings are formatted. We offer three. Our “Mixed” includes whites, reds, and sweets, while our “Black Label” showcases our premium reds.

The ‘Ambassador” is for club members only, and features a vertical tasting of multiple vintages of Serendipity and offers a 20% discount on wine purchases.

Also, included for each guest is a delightful cheese tray from Stout’s Trattoria at Grape Creek, and each tasting ends with a special bonus wine. Holey Moley!

To ensure a personal experience, each tasting is limited to ten guests. Reservations, times, which tasting when, and lots more info is on or website. Click on “Taste” and then “Private Tastings”.

We look forward to raising our glass with you…