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Jeff’s Corner 11-30-18

Today is Cuvee Day, so how about a big HEY HEY HEY for the new 2017 Cuvee Blanc?

Jeff's Corner 11-15-18

Once upon a time, in the southern part of the Rhone Valley in southeastern France, the flavor of wine was ruled by rival grape gangs. They were many in number and took pride in their vicious malevolence towards one another. They were ruthless and would do anything to control our entire palate.

Our 2018 Holiday Bundle is unique, featuring a number of wines not usually available for purchase.


When we build our Owner's Club allocations, we sometimes have limited quantities of certain wines beyond the matched set allocations designated for our Owner's Club members. While we don't have many of these wines, we are offering three of them as part of this year's holiday package. This special Holiday club member offer features three wines from our Owner's Clubs PLUS a very small production, vineyard designated Petit Verdot. Enjoy!

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