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Jeff’s Corner 9-7-18

Kent Rosenblum died Wednesday (9-5-18), and with his passing we lost one of the great legends and icons of California winemakers. Kent, aptly nicknamed, “The King of Zin”, founded Rosenblum Cellars in 1978; and, along with Ridge Vineyards (1962) and Ravenswood Winery (1976), formed the Holy Trinity of “R’s” when it comes to the early renaissance of great California Zins.

Jeff’s Corner 8-30-18

Hey Hey Hey, today is National Cabernet Day! (Actually, it’s probably National Cabernet Sauvignon Day, but I didn’t want to ruin my cheesy rhyme.) Now, the truth is, nobody gets excited about a National Fill-in-the-Blank Day unless the subject is something we are personally passionate about. National Liver and Onions Day slid by me without notice.

Jeff’s Corner 8-15-18

“When friends come for Saturday night,
It’s nice to make up some Sangria wine,
It’s organic and it comes from the vine,
It’s also legal and it gets you so high.”

Great words, Jerry Jeff! It’s summer, it’s humid, and it’s hot. Some ice-cold Sangria, some burgers on the grill, and some good friends sound pretty darn good right about now.

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