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Jeff’s Corner 10-27-18

Before we get going, I have to say Happy Birthday to my dearest friend of 53 years, Tommy “The Frump” Feuerbacher. By a rough estimate, we have enjoyed close to 5,000 beers together, and a number of laughs and tears equal to the stars in the sky. I love celebrating the Frumpsters B-Day; for the next 6 months he’s a year older than I.

Today we’re going to talk about our soon to be released, sensually beguiling, 2017 Muscat Canelli. But, as you know, I love wine history. Here’s some pretty cool info about a very storied grape.

Jeff’s Corner 10-19-18

Wowser! After commentating last week that it was “a slow news week”, Jeff’s Corner is suddenly cluttered with lots to talk about. We will be releasing five new vintages in the next few weeks, so I’ve got a ton of brutal tasting and typing in my future. In the next few episodes, we’ll check out our 2017 Muscat Canelli, Cabernet Blanc, Cuvee Blanc, and the ’16 Rendezvous.

Jeff’s Corner 10-12-18

It’s been a slow news week, as they like to say, here in the Press Room at GCV. I was thumbing through my all-time favorite wine book looking for something to write about when I thought, hey, why not write about this book. In over 20 years, it’s never let me down.

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