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Wine Education

It’s All About the Flavor

Jeff’s Corner Well, here I am behind the eye ball again after some more exciting surgery. My left eye is filled with a gas balloon, and I am indeed feeling a bit light-headed. So, we’ll check out our new Riesling next week, and in the interim here’s a story about…

To Chill or Not to Chill

Jeff’s Corner  While doing tours and tastings at Grape Creek, guests often ask me about proper serving temperatures for wine. Before we get to this, however, let me first mention that I feel strongly that there should never be rules when it comes to wine. There should be guidelines, and…


Jeff’s Corner Howdy Howdy Well, my favorite time in the vineyard is about to begin, and this photo pretty much tells the entire story why. I took this snap shot in our Montepulciano block 3-4 years ago almost to the day. These grapes are going through what is called “veraison”.

Aglianico + Montepulciano: Estate Vines

Jeff’s Corner Howdy, Howdy, and Hola Well, I’m 63 today, and one thing is for sure; I’ve never been this old on my birthday before. I suppose on one level I can celebrate having turned 21 three times. Geezo, I need to get to my wine rack while I still…