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Wine Education

Tasting Notes Composition 101

Jeff’s Corner 9-28-18 Hooo Wheee, Granny, and Aye Caramba! Next Thursday is going to be one of those dreaded days at work when we feel most abused. I’m going to be held at corkscrewpoint and forced to sit down with Brian, Jennifer, Jason, Patrick, and Miguel to taste the new releases of our exclusive Owner’s Club wines. This will be brutal.

“Pump Over”

Howdy Doody. Yes, it’s that time again. Grapes are starting to roll in from the Texas High Plains, and as I mentioned a few weeks ago, 2018 is shaping up to be a banner year. We’ve already received some lovely Viognier and Chenin Blanc, and yesterday, saw the arrival of some great looking Pinot Noir from Lahey Vineyards that is destined for our exciting new Heath Sparkling portfolio. Here’s a pretty cool pic I snapped five years ago looking down into the tank of our 2013 Estate Epiphany while we were doing what’s called “pump over”.

Veraison (vay-ray-ZON)

Jeff’s Corner 6-5-18 Greetings Once Again, A few days ago, Chelsea posted some images of our oldest (planted in May ’07) Montepulciano vines just entering veraison. I love this time of year, to me it reinforces the cyclical nature of our lives and how they are in rhythm with the vines. I took this snap shot in our Montepulciano block July 10, 2013.

Wine Tasting 101

Jeff’s Corner 5-4-18 Howdy, Howdy! I’ve been trying for days to write about our new 2016 Petite Sirah (which is delish, by the way), but sometimes the sentences just don’t happen.  We’ll try again next week, but in the meantime let’s revisit some guidelines I wrote years ago about…