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Wine Education

Terroir Tastings

Jeff’s Corner Hey Hey Hey Today we are going to talk about a few things. First, I want to thank you for all the great feedback on last week’s story. I liked it a lot as well, and feel it is one of the better columns I’ve written. I…

Fruit Set

Howdy, Howdy and Hello I hope all of you have been enjoying Clint Messimer’s posts regarding the growth cycle of a grape cluster last week and yesterday as much as I have. Clint, our vineyard manager extraordinaire, has an incredible ability to explain the intricacy of his craft in words…

Estate Bud Break

Jeff’s Corner Two days ago, Chelsea posted a nice pic of our vines going through bud break and bursting into life for the 2019 vintage. Here’s a bit more info, and I thought you might enjoy a closer look at a snap I took March 26, 2015, almost exactly 4 years ago.

Wine Lover’s Companion

Jeff’s Corner 10-12-18 It’s been a slow news week, as they like to say, here in the Press Room at GCV. I was thumbing through my all-time favorite wine book looking for something to write about when I thought, hey, why not write about this book. In over 20 years, it’s never let me down.